Ian Fowler is a grumpy guy that barely gets out of the house and smokes too much. He listens to music that hipsters pretend to love but, you know, “unironically”. OK, he pretends to be more grumpy than he actually is.  Anyhow, he likes to paint pretty pictures and write interesting stories. He did a few short films and some of them even won awards. He got really tired of the real world job and wanted to quit in order to follow his dream of making movies. Unfortunately, a lot of people believed in him and he was forced to follow through. He’s got a great girlfriend, a bunch of pets, and two wonderful kids... Oh, and a lot more film ideas.


Nathan Coltrane grew up making movies with his friends in the back yard. It wasn’t until he completed his first feature film for his high school senior project that he really started to consider film making as a profession. He then went to Eastern Washington University where he studied Film, Music and Photography. While at Eastern Washington he worked on many short films and indie features that he hopes will never surface.

Nathan now lives a quiet life in the Northwest where he often contemplates ways to sneak onto the Mars One Mission ship and join the human settlement on Mars.


Alejandro was born in Mexico City, he started playing piano at the age of 3 and guitar at the age of 7. He moved to Los Angeles to study at Musicians Institute where he completed his Bachelor in Guitar Performance.  He started composing for film and Tv, and doing arrangements for Tv Shows. He did orchestral arrangements for the Mexican TV show “Lo Que La Vida Me Robo” and he composed music for projects such as “Impatient Patient Disorder, “Goodbye, First Love” and in 2015 he started playing guitar for “The Voice Mexico” artist Gaston.
He is currently working on his first solo piano album “Life” that will be released in 2016.


Works a real job to pay the bills.  Drinks Greyhounds and mows the yard.