Patrick departed his mother’s womb in the deep, dark South... Louisiana that is, and went on to do what only a child of his impeccable and profound introvertedness could do... Seek out others to give him interesting things to say. A shy boy who found he could become other people by stepping onto a stage with the words of a playwright securely fastened in his head during his youth in Texas, Patrick determined this was to be his destiny. His conservative parents disagreed so Patrick graduated college with a degree in Criminal Justice and minor fields of study in Psychology and Theatre. He worked in Social Work for 15 years, helping child victims of physical and sexual abuse, before deciding to move to Portland, Oregon where he again focused on that destiny he decided upon as a child, this time focusing on film acting. In addition to studying acting throughout his school years, Patrick has studied with Jana Lee Hamblin, Ted Rooney, and Kristina Haddad. In the past four years, Patrick has completed approximately twenty-five short films, worked on ten features (in four of which he had Lead Roles), a couple commercials and a role on NBC’s Grimm. He has been both nominated for and won several awards at film festivals. And, yes, Patrick’s conservative parents have changed their tune on his destiny... But, they’re still waiting for a film their Puritan values will allow them to view. You hear that, Disney?


Lindsae started acting as a wee one and will never stop.  She’s quite klutzy, a bit awkward and smiles a lot. Most importantly, she’s hopelessly enamored with her pit bull, Ellen Ripley.


Michael studied at Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater. After graduation he became a founding member of the Seattle based theater group Implied Violence. For three years he helped create original works that combined elements of theater, performance art and modern dance. He moved to Portland, Oregon and turn his attention to his other passion; music. He has been writing, producing, performing and licensing blue collar rock n’roll, primarily with his bands The Days The Nights and Fortune Club. After success with his musical endeavors, he refocused on his acting career. This time geared toward film and television. He promptly signed with Option Model & Media and began booking projects large and small. Michael has appeared on NBC’s GRIMM, SyFy’s Z NATION and multiple award winning independent films.


Mr. Fitzpatricks’ involvement with the performing arts has spanned more than 40 years. He is an actor, voice actor, director, and producer. Dennis works in film, TV, radio and theatre. For several years he was a member of a repertory company in Bucks County, PA., And has since worked in London, San Francisco, Off Broadway and most recently Portland, OR.. Although film is his passion, he humbly serves on the board for Portland Actors Ensemble, the longest running free outdoor Shakespeare company in the country.


Ian is an Actor/Writer/Director and Cinematographer. He has a Bachelors in Fine Arts, majoring in Digital Film and Video, and currently owns and operates Vertica Productions LLC and Professional Acting Vulnerability is how he approaches his craft and nonjudgmental awareness is what he expects of himself to bring out the best possible performance. His training is Meisner based, and he has spent over three years under the coaching supervision of Jana Lee Hamblin. Curiosity and a genuine interest in the human condition are at the heart of every project he takes on. Listening and asking questions are at the core of his technique.


Whitney has a love of all things makeup including an addiction to watching Youtube videos about zit popping and corrective skin care.  Its is quite annoying on set as she watches them constantly during her breaks from making sure the actors were completely prepared for camera.  She also stepped in at the last minute and played the character of “Fluffy” which is her own chosen nickname, which no one actually calls her, and despite only being in the film for a total of one minute she stole the show.....Or, so she likes to think. Whitney would also like to add that director Ian Fowler wrote this bio and she has no clue that I told you all of this.  Even though it is completely true.