A Film by Ian Fowler

Produced by Patrick D. Green, Colleen Wolfe and Amber Smith

The sanity of agoraphobic, alcoholic artist Paul Taylor (Patrick D. Green) is beginning to crumble. With the tragic death of his wife looming heavily, Paul sets out to sell everything that could possibly remind him of her. Between swilling bottles of vodka and sorting through dusty boxes, it becomes apparent that Paul is not truly alone. Something is calling to him. After turning on a forgotten relic from the 1980s, a Sony Walkman, that replays conversations between he and his wife; Paul submerges himself into memory. He abandons the Estate Sale, turning his attention to painting...and drinking...and dancing...and finally conversing with the Walkman, driving himself further into complete delusion where he ultimately wakes up to find Iris (Lindsae Klein) has been watching him sleep. She smiles, says "good morning, handsome" and trots off to take a shower, leaving Paul to choose whether he truly wants to remember the details of her death or end it all himself.

Crazy Right was filmed on location in Portland, Oregon and completely confined to the inside of Director Ian Fowler's home. Not one shot was ever filmed from outside of the house. Along with Director of Photography Nathan Coltrane, they chose to shoot the entire film with all natural and available light adding to the quirky, dark and almost humorous visual style of the movie. Only 6 actors grace the screen during the entire movie and Patrick Green spends nearly 30 minutes of the film completely alone, adding to the isolation and delusion of his character.